Workers across the hospitality industry — whose livelihoods depend on people gathering together — are suffering the immediate health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please consider supporting the fantastic staff and venues we love — handy links are below the logos. Tim and Cathie are doing weekly free shows to support these venues on Facebook and Instagram — learn more in our /calendar

The Acorn
The Acorn is a nonprofit and relies on community support to make each year possible.  Annually, we bring over 100 shows and 18,000 patrons to The Acorn.  In Open Mics, we welcome a variety of regional artists to our stage.  We host community events, songwriter and playwright competitions, a songwriter workshop and a master class for performers.  None of this happens without your donations. 
Your donations are tax-deductible under the current tax code.

Cole's Bar
This is a rough one kids. We here at Cole's bar have decided to close as a result of it being impossible to tell how many people in the community are at risk of contacting COVID 19. While the staff has a little sick pay, many of us make a scrappy gig to gig living. We love this community so much. And we can't wait to see your bunker tans once we get through this mess. So if we've ever tossed you a free one, gave you laugh, or made sure you had a good night we'd appreciate anything ya got for us. 

FitzGerald’s Night Club and the Side Bar  
Support the club and staff via:   
Venmo: @FITZGERALDSNIGHTCLUB (last four digits: 0646)   

FitzGerald’s Gift Cards  
These gift cards never expire and will be good for drinks at the bar, tickets at our onsite box office, and even for private event bookings.  

FitzGerald’s Merch Booth   
Selling a T-shirt with attitude: "I STAYED HOME FROM FITZGERALD'S NIGHTCLUB AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT (c. 2020)." There's also a coffee mug and some other odds and ends. 

Friendly Community 
Tips for the Friendly STAFF 
All proceeds from this account will be distributed to the dedicated bartenders and baristas:

The Hideout 
If you would like to help our beloved and charming staff weather this storm, please "tip" the staff if you like at this on-line "Virtual Tavern."  We will be withdrawing donations weekly and dividing 100% of them (after GoFundMe fees) between Hideout staffers as soon as they are received:

Lizard’s Liquid Lounge 
All funds donated here will be shared with Lizard’s staffers: 

The Outta Space 
All contributions at this time will go to help sustain operations and bar staff: Aaron, Angelena, Nik, Tommy R., Tommy N. and Matt. Your contribution will help maintain the space and continue The Outta Space Mission! 

The Web Pub 
Tip the bartenders here:

This only goes to the staff of Wire and not towards the venue, owners or any of the venue bills. This is strictly for the staff that is out of work for the weeks to months to come: