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The Hideout
1354 West Wabansia, Chicago
(773) 227-4433

This friendly tavern's OLD STYLE BEER sign shines like a beacon, guiding roots music fans through the grimy industrial neighborhood that surrounds it. The owners' beer-can collection and some eclectic "celebrity" memorabilia are on display in the front room. In back, local musicians play country, rock, and bluesy tunes on a smallish stage backed by an impressive stuffed sailfish. It's no-frills all right. But the Hideout also books one of the best lineups of folk and "alt country" bands in the city, including the Blacks, the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, the Handsome Family, Jeff Tweedy (of Wilco), the Rachels, Devil in a Woodpile, and Kelly Hogan.

-- Frommer's Review

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