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Bucktown Arts Fest
Senior Citizens Park
2300 N. Oakley, Chicago

Since 1986, art — in all its forms — has been the sole focus of the Bucktown Arts Fest. From its roots as a small gathering of local artisans to its current incarnation as one of Chicago's premier gatherings of painters, sculptors, photographers, and crafts people (not to mention musicians, actors and poets), the Fest puts the spotlight squarely on that mysterious amalgam of inspiration and perspiration that delights the eye and stirs the soul. Run entirely by volunteers and free from the intrusive, large-scale commercialization common at similar events, the Bucktown Arts Fest is place to relax, explore, and take in a remarkable cornucopia of individual expression and imagination. While you're here, take a moment to wander one of Chicago's most distinctive and charming neighborhoods, stroll our streets and parks, and meet some of the people who make Bucktown the singular place it is. After all, art is where you find it.

-- BAF Web site

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