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Listen to a few MP3 "snippets" of Tim's music ... read some of his song lyrics ... and be sure to download some full Fallen Angels tunes, available online.

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Tim's Original Song Lyrics:

All By Heart
Another Glass Of Wine
Cryin' Is Easy
I Will Miss You
In Between
Make Me A Train
Misty Mountain Morning
O Dorothy
Tied To The Stone
Trustin' Love
With You
Worried Old World

MP3 Snippets:

Crybaby songs:
No Shirt (1.1 MB)
Ugly Man (1.1 MB)

Fallen Angels songs:
Cryin' is Easy (1.1 MB)
Make Me a Train (1.2 MB)

Tim Menard solo songs:
Angel from Montgomery (1.3 MB)
Another Glass of Wine (1.2 MB)

Tim Menard & Jim Frazier songs:
Sleepyhead (1.3 MB)
I Get Along (1.5 MB)
Hey Ma (1.6 MB)

Tim Menard and the Flying Nowakowski Brothers songs:
Smoke (0.9 MB)
Tied to the Stone (1.8 MB)

Download MP3s of live performances from the Fallen Angels' Donner Farms radio interview:

I Will Miss You (3.8 MB)
Make Me A Train (4.5 MB)
Open To The Future (4.6 MB)
What Am I Worth, by George Jones (3.6 MB)

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